Fun Town Water Park and Amusement Park is spread in 6 acres and comprises of huge Water Park with Slides namely

  • Magic Twist 40 ft high (Huge Slide in which a Rider sits on the Tube,holds its hadle and through twists and and turns plunges in the Pool with a great Speed 
  • Multi Racer 40 Ft High ( 2 parallel Slides in which a rider uses the help of sledge to plunge in the Pool)
  • Tornedo-45 Ft High (Cylindrical Tunnel Body Slide in which a Rider through the elevation and Water Flow plunges in the Pool) 
  • Black Hole 40 Ft High(Cylindrical Tunnel Slide in which a Rider through the elevation and Water Flow plunges in the Pool)
  • Famil Pool 25 ft High :A collection of 6 Slides ,3 Umbrellas,Giant Crazy Bucket,Rainbow,1 Dragon,
  • OTP Pool 25 Ft High : A Collection of 3 Slides with a huge Pool to plunge ;
  • Wave Pool :A huge Pool which can accommodate 80 to 100 Persons at one time and where Waves are generated artifically creating the atmosphere of sea beach;

Amusement Park 

  • Tora-Tora:
    A thrilling Ride which rotates at different heights and has a capacity of 25 Persons  at one time;

  • Break Dance:
    A thrilling Ride where we have 2 Chairs  attached to each other and moves in clock wise direction and platform moves up and down;

  • Columbus:
    A thrilling Boat which can accommodate upto 30 Persons oscillates to and fro with a very high speed;

  • Metro Rail :
    on a platform with 15 Ft from Ground: 5 Separate Bogies will take you a for a Complete Ride of the Amusement Park.One Bogie can accommodate 4 Persons at one Time  

  • Super Trooper :
    A Thrilling Ride comprising of Gliders which Rotate in anti clockwise direction in a Very High Speed;One Glider can accommodate 2 Persons at one time;

  • Disco -Disco :
    A very thrilling Ride which Rotates in a clockwise direction and can accommodate upto 15 Persons at one time;It rotates in a Circular direction and also go up and down

  • Tsunami :
    A Very thrilling Ride which can accommodate upto 30 Persons at one time and turns 360 degree somersault .

  • Baby Train :
    Sometimes called as Cat Train has Coaches in a shape of Cat in which 2 Children can sit in one Bogie,

  • Frog Jump :
    Shaped in the form of Frog hops and moves in a Circular direction;

  • Caterpillar:
    Shaped in the Form of Caterpillar hops and Moves in a Circular Direction.

  • Kids Roller Coaster :
    A Car shaped Coaster can accommodate 1 Kid;It is lifted by the help of the pulley to a height of 15 Ft after which It comes down beacause of elevation at a Very Hight Speed.

  • Kids Merry Go Round :
    Kids can sit on different animal shaped seats namely Horse,Duck etc  which are made to rotates electronically

  • Santa Clause Ride :
    Kids Can Sit on different Santa Clause Sledges which are rotated electronically;

  • Mini-Jumbo-Jet :
    Kids can sit on any of the Jet Shaped Seats and eletronically covers elliptical orbit;

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